Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Storm and Demand

When you predict or expect the worst, you are sure to help bring it about. Repeat the pattern, and your negative outlook becomes a habit; ultimately, the habit becomes an excuse to remain the same, and to blame fate or others for something you were instrumental in helping to bring about. The illusion is that there is a future. When we say, “I will try to be a better person,” or, “I will find happiness someday,” or “I am working on becoming enlightened,” we are in effect saying that we do not feel the urgency, or sense the opportunity, in this the present moment. We would rather be distracted, or comforted, or intellectually teased, or shown an easier way. But the revolution is not in philosophy, religion, or politics; it is not a matter of struggle or proud effort; it is in the sudden startling storm and demand of your existence. It is the joyful turning out of your pockets, and finding the rainbow within.


Jonathan Chant said...

Storm and demand. I think that I might print this out and pin it on my wall.

A precious post William.

William Michaelian said...

If it is, Jonathan, it’s because of what you bring to the reading. Many, many thanks.