Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pablo Neruda on Julio Cortázar

“Anyone who doesn’t read Cortázar is doomed. Not to read him is a grave invisible disease which in time can have terrible consequences. Something similar to a man who had never tasted peaches. He would be quietly getting sadder, noticeably paler, and probably little by little, he would lose his hair. I don’t want those things to happen to me, and so I greedily devour all the fabrications, myths, contradictions, and mortal games of the great Julio Cortázar.”

Pablo Neruda on Julio Cortázar, from the August 26 installment of the daily newsletter I receive from Today in Literature.

Image: Julio Cortázar (click to enlarge).

O, Willie brewed a peck o’ malt . . . The Burns Glossary: the last nine lines beginning with the letter O added to the Index of First Lines.

An amusing bumper sticker added to Useless Information.


Mateo said...

The newsletter didn't perchance have a reference for that quote by Neruda did it? I've been looking for the original Spanish version of the quote, but can't seem to find it. Thanks!

William Michaelian said...

I don’t think it did, because in all likelihood I would have included it. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the newsletter. But you could write to Steve King at Today in Literature. He just might be able to help.