Saturday, November 29, 2008

Artasahmanyan Grakanutyun

Recently Received:
Artasahmanyan Grakanutyun
World Literature in Armenian
1-2 (14-15) 2008, January-June
Writers Union of Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia

Editor: Samvel Mkrtchian
Design: S & H Project
Cover: Samvel Mkrtchian

144 pages
Includes one drawing

Writers translated for this issue:
Georg Trakl, Emil Cioran, Stephen Leacock, William Michaelian, Dino Buzzati, Robert Musil, Ahmad Shamlou, Romain Rolland. Also contains one review by Ashot Aleksanyan.

Note: My thanks to editor Samvel Mkrtchian for his fine translations of fourteen poems from Winter Poems and Another Song I Know. In recent years, he has translated a number of my stories and poems, and has been instrumental in their publication.

A short note about Artasahmanyan Grakanutyun added to News and Reviews.

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Doug P. Baker said...

Wow! That is awesome! Any chance an audio will be available? I often listen to poetry in other languages (especially Hebrew, but also Russian and other languages) and even if I don't understand it all some portion of the poetic element comes through. I'd be interested if it will be available.

BTW, Winter Poems and Another Song I Know are on my Christmas list.

William Michaelian said...

Doug, as far as I know, there are no plans for recording the issue, or even parts of it, but I do plan to venture in that direction myself. And somewhere around here, I have some cassette recordings of my stories that were read by others on Armenian National Radio. I need to get those transferred and do something with them. I agree completely: language is another form of music.

I’m delighted and honored to hear, meanwhile, that the books are on your list. Thank you.