Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Night Sky

Night Sky
November 16, 2008

Note: My thanks to Lynn Behrendt for adding another of my dreams to the Annandale Dream Gazette. The twenty-three she’s posted so far are collected here.

Faced with the possibility of real work, we consider conducting parallel interviews as the Conversation continues.


Joseph Hutchison said...

I love the graphic, William! And wish I had that kind of talent. Or the talent for remembering dreams! I do on occasion, and occasionally they creep into a poem. Problem is the image usually gets interpreted there, when in the dream it simply exists....

Here's one:

Haiku-writing dream:
fresh turd swarmed by green-silk flies—
seventeen of them

William Michaelian said...

Ah, that’s some excellent, vivid reportage. And specifically seventeen: I don’t believe I’ve ever counted that high in a dream.

Glad you like the drawing, too. Thanks.