Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It’s a rocking chair universe,
isn’t it, and it’s about
to come down
on a cat’s

From Songs and Letters, originally published November 2, 2008.

Note: This poem and the one in Sunday’s entry were written within the space of a few hours, with a very bad sinus headache, cough, and runny nose, between errands and cups of jasmine tea. It’s a rather strange form of record-keeping, I suppose.

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don't be emily said...

A whole picture, complete with sound effects. :) Funny--most people now wouldn't know that sound, what with all the "glider rockers" that exist.

William Michaelian said...

True. I didn’t think of that. What kind of universes would they make, I wonder?

~im just only me~ said...

Actually glider rockers make plenty of sound, especially when you bang them against the wall behind you...

William Michaelian said...

Plus, they are endorsed by cats everywhere....