Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas Wish

My sincere thanks to June Austin, a writer in Surrey, England, for reprinting my poem, “A Christmas Wish,” in her blog, Podding Along Nicely, and for including a link to my main website.

Written many years ago and first published in a community newspaper here in Salem, this simple poem really took on a life of its own when it became the twelfth poem in my online Collected Poems, popping up in forums and blogs in various formats each year during the holiday season. Last year, it also became part of my book, Winter Poems.

When I first introduced the poem I said, “While it might not be suitable for framing, I think it is good enough to wind up on a few refrigerators, tacked down at the corners by grimy magnets covered with advertising. I say this because its timely message transcends the holiday season and speaks clearly about the things that are truly important in life.”

This theme is graciously echoed by June after the poem, as she writes about her own situation and of the people around her.

I don’t know if “A Christmas Wish” has ended up on anyone’s refrigerator. I do know it’s much different than anything I would write now — not in message, necessarily, but definitely in language and form. And of course I could say that about a great many other things I’ve written — just as someday I will likely say about the things I’m writing now. As it should be. As it must be.


June said...

Thanks for the comments William, and for linking back as well. You have a very special talent that you should be proud of. Let's hope that some day all of those Christmas wishes may indeed come true.

brian a j salchert said...

I know some people who are certain they will.