Saturday, December 27, 2008

Folk Art

A beautiful new book has come my way: Folk Art, a collection of photographs and descriptions of Aboriginal art, Pacific art, North American art, Central and South American art, and art from other world cultures. Paging through, I see masks, figures, weavings, rock sculptures, rattles, baskets, door panels, cloaks, armlets, bark paintings, hair ornaments ... and here is a Maori toboggan from the late 1800s ... a canoe house figure from the Solomon Islands ... a Sioux pipe bowl — in all, the book contains 384 glossy, informative pages.

What I think I will do is thoroughly examine one of these each day. Removed in time, removed in culture, experienced through words and photography which are art objects in and of themselves, perceived by a mind in rapid decay — well, who knows where it will lead.

Folk Art
By Susann Linn-Williams
Foreword by Stephen Wehmeyer
Star Fire, London (2006)


S_Allen said...

I bet you'll get a few poems out of it.

Here's to hoping anyway.

William Michaelian said...

Some might even be recognizable as such. Others might take thousands of years and countless interpretations before my intentions, if any, are revealed.

Really, there are some wonderful, fascinating pictures in this book.