Friday, December 12, 2008

Love (ΑΓΑΠΗ)

“Love” is the third of three of my short poems* translated into Greek by Vassilis Zambaras. It occurs to me now that its words also echo his fine work as translator and poet. His translations of the first and second poems, “Thin Ice” and “Seeds,” are posted here and here.


A gentle hand
that remembers
where it’s been.

          Ένα τρυφερό χέρι
          που θυμάται
          πού έχει πάει.

Έna triferό hέri
pou theemάte
pou έhee pάee.

* From Another Song I Know, Cosmopsis Books (2007).

Greek translation and transliteration © 2008 by Vassilis Zambaras. Published here with the poet’s kind permission.

Vowel pronunciation guide: i as in letter “e”; e as in “eh” — without “h” sound; a as in “ma”; o as in “OK”; ou as in “balloon”.

Definition of the word fustigation added to You Don’t Say.


Joseph Hutchison said...

Lovely to see one's words cross over into another language....

vazambam said...

Especially so when the words are so lovely in the first place--makes coming second a great consolation prize!

William Michaelian said...

Different languages, true, but they’re all part of the same music.

Thanks, Maestro V, and thanks again, Joe, for reading.

brian a s said...

That was
my left hand once,
though I
still have doubts.


that has nothing to do with
your words here.
They are exquisite.

Google's robots
are dreaming a new


William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Brian.

Oddly enough, a uminerts search in Google does turn up one result. And this does make me wonder what the bots come up with for comment verification in blogs written in other languages.

Hands. We tend to think of them as pairs. But I wonder if the life-journey of the left hand is the same as the right hand and vice-versa. Maybe they live distinctly separate lives.