Sunday, December 7, 2008

Seeds (ΣΠΟΡΙΑ)

“Seeds” is the second of three of my short poems* translated into Greek by poet Vassilis Zambaras, whose insightful miniatures I heartily recommend. To read his translation of the first poem, “Thin Ice,” go here.


While my mother
drinks her tea,
I eat a tangerine.

My dish is full
of pale-hard seeds.

She tells me
I should plant them.

I see her in a garden
on her knees,
waiting, looking down.

          Καθώς η μάνα μου
          πίνει το τσάι της,
          τρώω ένα μανταρίνι.

          Το πιάτο μου γεμάτο
          χλωμά σκληρά σπόρια.

          Μου λέει
          πρέπει να τα σπείρω.

          Την βλέπω σ’ ένα κήπο
          να περιμένει, και να κοιτάζει

Kathόs e mάnna mou
pinei to tsάee tis,
trόο έna mandarίni.

To piάτο mou gemάto
hlomά sklirά spόria.

Mou lέi
prέpei na ta spίro.

Tin vlέpo sέna kίpo
Na perimέni, ke na kitάzi

* From Another Song I Know, Cosmopsis Books (2007).

Greek translation and transliteration © 2008 by Vassilis Zambaras. Published here with the poet’s kind permission.

Vowel pronunciation guide: i as in letter “e”; e as in “eh” — without “h” sound; a as in “ma”; o as in “OK”; ou as in “balloon”.

Dreams: Lynn Behrendt has graciously added another of my dreams — this time around, a short, rather disturbing episode — to the Annandale Dream Gazette. The twenty-five dreams of mine that she’s posted so far are gathered here.

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S_Allen said...

I like how this poem is cyclical.

Joseph Hutchison said...

Lovely, William! I have a poem about my father than ends in a garden. But I suppose it all ends in a garden.

William Michaelian said...

Begins, ends, remains ... begins again ... I’d love to read it.

S_Allen said...

As would I Joe