Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gertrude Stein’s War

From The Flower and the Leaf, A Contemporary Record of American Writing Since 1941, by Malcolm Cowley. Edited and with an Introduction by Donald W. Faulkner. Penguin Books (1986). “Gertrude Stein’s War” written 1945.

Paper. 390 pages.

I think of the tangled reasons why
this man should flourish, this one die
obscurely of some minor hurt;
why this one sought his death by sea
and this one drank himself to death
and this one, not of our company,
but born on the same day as Hart,
should harvest all the world can give,
then put a gun between his teeth;
or why, among friends who live,
this one, misled by his good heart,
and this, forsaken by a wench,
should each crawl off to nurse his grief.
I saw the flower and the leaf,
the fruit, or none, and the bare branch.

From “The Flower and the Leaf,” by Malcolm Cowley (appears just prior to table of contents).

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baj salchert said...

I'm sure you know Gertrude Stein is a heroine to many pendulum-left poets.

William Michaelian said...

So I’ve gathered. To me, she is another part of the fabric, or mosaic, or crazy quilt, or whatever the heck “this” is.

brtom said...

You are very welcome, sir! It's a pleasure to find you (via ursprache).