Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Book Exchange, Part 2

Late this afternoon after running some errands in the wind and rain with my son, I was pleased to come home and find the envelope containing Brian Salchert’s chapbook of thirty-one sonnets, January 1976, in the mailbox. Its journey from Missouri to Oregon took only two days.

Brian’s chapbook is part of the book exchange I mentioned earlier today. In return, I sent him my book of short poems, Another Song I Know.

January 1976
, published 1977. Cover design by Neil Engelbrecht.*

* Then again, apparently not. See comments beneath this post.

4.1.2009 #2
4.1.2009 #1


baj salchert said...

Neil was my immediate boss at the then Holiday Inn motel in West Bend, Wisconsin, and I've always seen a joker (as in fool or clown) in his J, and that was and is fine by me since I feel it is often best to read my poems in an angular manner, especially the ones that try too hard to be serious.

William Michaelian said...

I really like the cover, and, right off the bat, I too saw the joker. I also see a snail.

I’ve read half a dozen of the poems already. I like them. And I appreciate your suggestion, that “... even though many of these want to be serious, read them lightly. Nothing I write is sacred.” You should do the same when you read mine. Quite often, when I laugh, the only way you can tell is by looking at my eyes.

I feel pleased and lucky to have a copy of your book.

baj salchert said...

I also saw a snail or a bug-eyed worm.

I'm pleased I had a copy to share. Where I finally found those 2 copies was where I first looked and didn't see them. Made me think some angel had put them there.

Have read your book once, and will be reading it again soon. Tonight I am in the middle of a "cover scans" post at Kyph Herm. Am tempted to post a poem from each of the 5 I chose. Your book is one.

William Michaelian said...

Well, it’s certainly fine by me. I look forward to reading all of them. In fact, I caught a glimpse of the entry in my reading list, but it seems to have disappeared. A work in progress, no doubt.

baj salchert said...

It is, but I won't be posting any poems tonight. It's visible now.