Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Book Exchange

I’m looking forward to reading the two books of poetry I just received from Gary B. Fitzgerald as part of a three-way book exchange that includes Brian Salchert. I suggested the idea a couple of weeks ago during a pleasant exchange of comments following Brian’s post, “This Is About Who Cares.” Gary and Brian were both nice enough to agree.

The books Gary sent me are Softwood and Hardwood, both published last fall. In exchange, he is saddled with my Winter Poems and Another Song I Know, cover images of which wink in my sidebar like demented stars.

Three kids, trading sandwiches during their lunch hour.

In the Forum: The truth is finally out. I’m an obsessive nut and a glutton for punishment.


baj salchert said...

We had school lunches, and so on days of dried apricots--an item some did not want--I and a student known as Bill got more than our fair share.

Mailed my book Monday.

Thank you.

William Michaelian said...

I love dried apricots. And if you stew a few with prunes and raisins, they’re out of this world.

I’ll keep my eye on the mailbox.

don't be emily said...

We were always fascinated by the neighbor farm kids who wanted to trade us their thick slabs of roast beef with mustard and butter on homemade rolls for our cheap bologna on "air bread". Another image of life, I suppose. :) We always traded.

William Michaelian said...

Uh-oh — I just pictured a roast beef sandwich in my mailbox! Mustard all over my bills.