Thursday, April 16, 2009

Merrill Moore

When you have a moment, drop by A Common Reader and read this short entry about Merrill Moore. It contains a sonnet of his and some great biographical links. And I love the way Chrees stumbled onto Moore’s book in a used bookstore. I have stacks and stacks of books found in exactly the same manner.

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4.16.2009 #1


Chrees said...

Ah, thanks. And I wonder about the trail of the book and how it ended up in Palo Alto.

It definitely was interesting reading up on Moore, someone I don't believe I had ever heard about until last week.

William Michaelian said...

I get a kick out of his poem, “Answer,” as it appears on the Ted Nellen site you linked to:

Here are three ways to get your answer to me:
One, loose your pigeons, for they know my roof.
Tie the message to their legs with a tiny band
And they will bring, but will not understand
The words that one who holds herself aloof
Has written on rice paper with black ink;
That is the quickest way to do, I think,
Others I know but none as instantly.

Or tie a ribbon to the white swan’s neck,
Red for yes or very blue for no,
They pass by here for water. If they go
Three days unribboned I'll know that you walk
In your rose garden waiting for the fall
To tell me by blowing dead leaves over my wall

Chrees said...

That was one I almost posted...but I liked the angle on John Carter. I'm sure he had in mind a historical figure (Confederate general? or someone local?). But what if it was a patient, name possibly changed. An interesting angle in the HIPPA-era.

I keep finding myself gravitating to early 20th century writers...what an interesting time (just like now, in the sense of the Chinese curse).

William Michaelian said...

Indeed, the John Carter poem is a classic. Much heavier, and suitably directed at many present-day politicians.