Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poetry through the Ages

My thanks to Michael Douma for letting me know about his new poetry exhibit, Poetry through the Ages. The beautifully designed site is part of a larger interactive museum called WebExhibits, which explores subjects as diverse as calendars, butter, the causes of color, and Van Gogh’s letters.

Beginning with a general overview, various facets and forms of poetry are discussed in successive, easy-to-digest layers; then, visitors are encouraged to write something of their own.

An interesting feature is the Node View option — a kind of simplified road map that offers smaller bits of information in thought-bubbles called “nodes.” Click on one — “Browse by Era,” for instance — and your screen is quickly rearranged to reveal a new set of nodes representing different periods, which in turn lead you deeper into more specific times and places.

Worthy of further exploration — Poetry through the Ages will be of interest to teachers, students, readers, and practitioners alike. Visitors’ feedback is also encouraged.

Node poems

Note: A link to Poetry through the Ages can also be found in the “Reading Room.”

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brian (baj) salchert said...

My thanks also. I'm going to place a link to it in
literary and related.

'nother curious w v: thypj

William Michaelian said...

They live a life of their own. Perhaps they too are curious about humans.