Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sitting Pretty Magazine

I’ve thought many times about taking pictures of my work table and its immediate surroundings, but I followed through with the idea only recently when I discovered Sitting Pretty Magazine, a new publication launched by novelist Paul A. Toth, who also edits Hit and Run.

As readers might recall, Hit and Run provides a visually compelling record of creative work still in its raw form by sharing notes of works-in-progress. Sitting Pretty takes this line of thinking another step by focusing on writers’ desks and workspaces, which are, in their own way, as revealing as their notebooks and other bad habits. There is an obstinate glory in these photographs, also a sense of obsession, restlessness, destiny, and play in the levels of order and disorder they relate.

My work table changed soon after my son took the picture published in this entry of Sitting Pretty. It was necessary to move the chapbooks and some of the papers in the foreground so I could move the keyboard and pay some festering, overdue bills.

Image: The area immediately to my left, leading to two bookshelves. The picture near the window sill is of my father sitting on his tractor, sometime around 1975.

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Recently Linked: A link to Sitting Pretty Magazine is included in the “Reading Room.” My thanks to Paul A. Toth for linking here from his new publication.

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