Friday, August 28, 2009

Dramatis Personae: Barbaric Yawp, July 2009

Barbaric Yawp
July 2009, Volume 13, Number 3
BoneWorld Publishing
Russell, New York
John and Nancy Berbrich, Editors

Dramatis Personae: Lacey Bard, Scott Blackwell, Adam Burnett, CEE, Chris Chapin, Patrick Dutcher, Kate Duvall, Gary Every, Kelly Daisy Ida Frost, Stephen Galiani, Jacob Gray, Gayle Elen Harvey, Ann Howells, Nancy Keating, Michael Kriesel, Hanoong Lee, Jack Phillips Lowe, Gene McCormick, Caitlin McLaughlin, William Michaelian, Normal, Chip O’Brien, Donna Pucciani, Andy Roberts, Dick Reynolds, Bob Sharkey, Debra A. Suba, Anna Sykora, Neal Zirn.

In his “Book Beat” column, John Berbrich reviews Bits and Pieces, a chapbook of light horror poems by Greg Schwartz; Small Acts of Rebellion, a chapbook of short poems by David Rogers; a reprint of Michael Kriesel’s The Light of Fields in a 51-page pocketbook edition (2 x 2¾); and two poetry chapbooks, Poems Poorly Written and Fancy that of London, by Leah Angstman.

Cover Design: Nancy Berbrich (click to enlarge).

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