Friday, August 21, 2009

Parlor and Workspace, 2

When I was a kid, the red rocking chair was unpainted. My mother’s father used to listen to the fights and “Amos and Andy” in that chair. To the right is my mother’s bookcase. The painting above it, a favorite of my father’s, has been around all my life. Across the front entrance, the other bookcase is mine. The big picture above it is of my grandmother’s cousin, William Saroyan, taken in 1935. The big picture to the left of that is of my father’s father when he was twelve, and is the subject of an earlier entry, Papa, 1908. The leather chair used to be in the living room. It’s where my mother sat and tried to remember things.

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Hard to imagine YOU living in this room; because not very 'Boheme'-like? But I would like to check the books and pictures...

William Michaelian said...

Rudhi, you have given me something to think about. The arrangement of this room is entirely my own. The logical conclusion is that I am more than one person, and that I live many lives in the course of a day.

Joseph Hutchison said...

I forget the moods of homes without books.
A home needs a book to forgive the home.
Whatever book, whatever home—
it is much the same.
The cruel things I did I took to belles-lettres.
I begged the pages: make me better.

(With apologies to Richard Hugo)

Leks said...

Looking as a fine place to be creating in,it looks a bit as my room when it was tidy,:O)
I would say,boheme-like enough for the great mind as yours,good day to you.

vazambam said...


so much depends

a red rocking

glazed over with

beside the blue

Nazia Mallick said...

William, how I relate to your line, "I am more than one person, and that I live many lives in the course of a day."
I thought I was the odd one:) out...

A room full of books is such a delight to watch. The ambiance of the parlor is relaxed , cozy neat and yet looks quite lived in !

William Michaelian said...

Nazia, Dr. Zambaras, Aleksa, and Joe — what a pleasure to get up in the morning and find the room full of gifted, kind, perceptive friends! The future of the book, I think, is safe in your hands, just as the music of words takes flight in your minds.