Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Five Years Ago Today

I never did get back to my pile of Harper’s. There is already an accumulation of drawings and letters on top, along with a folder containing notes on the Armenian translations of some of my stories, and even a package of colored pencils. I had meant to read the short story in each issue, but the stories I did read made it difficult to continue. Now I no longer care — which means I should probably take the magazines to the library and leave them in the free magazine area for someone who does care, or who thinks he cares, or who once cared and is thinking about caring again, fearing that if he doesn’t he might be unable to care when his caring is needed the most — though in my humble opinion Harper’s isn’t worth such a crisis of conscience, or even a trip to the library. I say this at the risk of sounding ignorant, because everyone knows Harper’s is a highly intellectual magazine full of progressive ideas and wry commentary. No wonder they lost me. I have enough trouble putting on my socks. What do socks have to do with the subject? Nothing at all. Is Harper’s interested in my socks? No. Of course not. What I need is a magazine that caters to people who have trouble putting on their socks. A magazine that cares about me. A magazine for the common man, attempting common things and failing miserably. A magazine for people who are confused to begin with, and who then go on to lose their train of thought. Anyway. Where was I?

From One Hand Clapping, a daily journal in two volumes.

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Caio Fernandes said...

reading this i would say exactly the same you did at the end .
who cares for a magazine that don't mind for a man having his socks on ? ( an failing miserably , hahahhh, as i do every day ...) .
for about 10 years i gave up of all my "highly intelectual " books and now to prepare the tea or bite an apple has been my deepest intelectual ativit . and i must to say . i am a much more developed man in my insignificanse than when i had books and authors and theorys behind my fancy words . this cave man here is 10000000 years light beyong the old Caio .
your post made me remember this . sure that nothing was a waist of time . diferent , it was good . but the very smal things of this ordinary life is so much cooler and chalenging .
but i don't want a magazine about it .... i just want a good german shepard and a corner for spit .
see you William !! it was nice to read your comment today . that was genious !! thanks !!

William Michaelian said...

Caio, I agree — if you can’t enjoy the magic in your daily life, or even notice it, then all of the books and education in the world are useless. I have a little poem called “Knowledge”:

A ripe apple,
inhabited by a worm.

Thanks for your visit and good thoughts. I love the painting you posted today.

-K- said...

I rarely pick up harpers and always confuse it the atlantic monthly. I just don't have the time and, as you say, its much better for me and the world to go out and contribute something, even if it means forcing somebody *else* to sit down and find the time to read what I wrote or photographed or composed.

William Michaelian said...

And of course you don’t have to “force” anyone, as long as you don’t abuse their time and insult their intelligence by explaining what they already know, or can imagine perfectly well themselves. It’s like your excellent photos — what you leave out is as important as what you leave in.