Monday, September 7, 2009

Ivy, Fence, and Woodpile

I think this picture would make a great bookmark. There used to be a hazelnut tree where our fig tree is. A few pieces of the old trunk and scaffolding remain. They’re inspiring in their sculpture and decay, and are a nice reminder of the orchard that was here forty years ago, before the neighborhood went in.

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“Ivy, Fence, and Woodpile” added to Penny Thoughts and Photographs.

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Rachel said...

Eine gute Erinnerung in einem wundervollen Foto.
Der Baum, innen hohl, als wäre er in Vorzeiten schon als Wasserleitungsrohr benutzt worden.
Heute ganz sicher ein Versteck für viele Tiere.
Auch der Efeu zeugt von langen Erinnerungen, eine Pflanze, die ganz gewiss uns noch überdauern wird.

A good memory in a wonderful photo.
The tree inside hollow as he would be used in Vorzeiten as Wasserleitungsrohr.

Today certainly a hiding place for many animals.
The Ivy is long memories, a plant that certainly still will survive us.

Herzlich, Rachel

William Michaelian said...

Rachel, maybe I’m dreaming, but I also think there’s a kind of “spirit in the wood” quality in this scene, as if in the moment’s enchantment we’re about to knock on the door of a hermit’s cabin.