Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What You See

Early one morning, while replying to a comment on my blog, I noticed a reflection on the screen. It was me. The rest, it seems, is what you see.

[click to enlarge]

“What You See” added to Penny Thoughts and Photographs.

In the Forum: Greg Schwartz’s Haiku & Horror.


don't be emily said...

William!!! I just had to enter two words on a completely different website to verify something, and the words were, in one box together: William impaling. Just like that!!!! :) Thought I'd let you know. I mean, I have a brother named William, but somehow his 6-year-old-ness and huge blue eyes seem to make him innocent of this .....

William Michaelian said...

I hear they’re teaching word verifications in grade school now. Very disturbing. This one, I know, will stick with me.

kenflett said...

Hi William. Thanks so much for the link. :)
your image here is quite lovely, and your blog is a treasure, perhaps you are too.
once l'm off library computers across canada, l'll seek your blog a little more indepth.

William Michaelian said...

Hi, Ken, thanks, and linking to your blog is my pleasure. I love what you’re doing, the way you combine words and photography — it’s a rich and thought-provoking display. So many of the pictures wouldn’t be possible without first gaining the confidence of your subjects, and your sympathetic treatment says a lot about you.

I hope your journey is going well. I can imagine the great material you must be gathering.