Sunday, October 25, 2009


On the sidewalk, among the leaves,
one winks up at me.

I will ask

(first publication)

“Decision” added to Poems, Slightly Used.

In the Forum: “I’m a little pink jar on a little pink shelf / & I’ve just become aware of myself.”


RUDHI - Chance said...

Why she winks up to you? Could be a nice story-thread... I love your new book THIS PAINTING...!

William Michaelian said...

Thanks, Rudhi — that’s wonderful to hear!

Elisabeth said...

Reading this I'm left wondering what is it in your mind that leaves you with the thought to ask her?

She must be there in your mind to begin with, I think. It's as if the leaf gives you the nod. And now I'm curious to know your question.

William Michaelian said...

As am I. This poem, written such a short time ago during the pre-dawn hours, now feels like a dream.

The question was never quite formulated, her face indistinct. The leaf was maple, I think.