Thursday, October 1, 2009


A dream I can’t remember
that makes me think of home

the hush of death in a dark,
dark room — petals black

that somehow glow
in the palms

of cold,
still hands

Recently Linked: My thanks to artist and poet Momo Luna for signing on as a follower of Recently Banned Literature. Momo Luna has two blogs: Momo Luna Signals and Secrets of Death.

Thanks also to Kevin and Rachel for linking here from their blogs.

In the Forum: idle barrels vs. restless or active barrels.


Momo Luna said...

Oh this is so beautiful. I had to read it several times before these words unveil their secret. And i have to read it again. Ofcourse. Beautiful.

William Michaelian said...

Thank you. I’ve read it several more times too, and now it isn’t hard to imagine it on a gravestone.

Momo Luna said...

Yes, it would be touching on a gravestone. I love to wander old graveyards.....