Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Footnote

While scrubbing the kitchen floor, I imagined bananas in the hold.

12.11.2009 #2
12.11.2009 #1


Elisabeth said...

A strange association, William, but the minute I read it I thought of the way I was obsessed as a child with a certain thought.

If ever I saw a banana peel on the road, on the floor, on the ground anywhere I must pick it up and move it to a safe place, otherwise someone might slip on it.

If I left the peel where I had first found it I began imagining all sorts of horrid sights, people falling and breaking their bones.

I'm beginning to sound somewhat obsessive. Perhaps I was then. Now I think I might only need kick that banana peel into the gutter. And not feel responsible for the consequecnes of someone else's carelessness.

My goodness, what associations: yours from sweeping the floor to bananas in the hold, mine from banana peels on the floor to terrible mishaps.

William Michaelian said...

In other words, we’ve both gone bananas. I forgot to mention that at one point, while on my hands and knees, I could feel the deck of the ship rocking to and fro.