Saturday, December 5, 2009

Out of Season

Out of Season
December 5, 2009
#2 Pencil on Index Card

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12.05.2009 #2
12.05.2009 #1


ALeks said...

:O) Seasonal greetings(I rememberd postcards with the same text when I was a small child,as Im a big child now),so as I can see now you are the son of the sea,crying the solty water making perfect circle of water in the nature!You give some and you take some!
Does this make any sense at all or should I stay silent smoking my cigar?
Beautiful drawing William.

William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Aleksandra. From one big child to another, it makes perfect sense, even through the cigar smoke.

ALeks said...

I ment salty tears...:O(

Elisabeth said...

I love Aleks's reference to big children.

It reminds me of one of our German exchange students who was looking for the word 'glove' and came up with the translation 'finger shoes'.

Your self portraits are always wonderful, William, every one slightly different in shape and form from the last.

You must have quite a collection by now. You could almost turn them into one of those animation/cartoon type books. You know the type?

You flick the pages over quickly and the image begins to move.

I can see your face in animation now.

tony said...

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I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!
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William Michaelian said...

“Finger shoes” is a masterpiece.

I do have a mountain of these drawings. Some are on cards, but many are crowded onto sheets. A few have three eyes, two noses, and two mouths, the middle eye being a shared eye, helping create a different expression in both faces, which seem resentful or puzzled by the fact that they have to share one neck and one tie. Ah, well. It’s a strange life.

Right, Tony?

Momo Luna said...

I love your selfportraits. Tears and a wrinkled nose and a little bit of amazement i read on this face.....

Dear William, finishing your two beautiful books left me with the feeling, more..... i want more. Hard to explain so i stop writng before i really write very silly silly words lol. ;-)

Sweet greetz i'm sending you.

Momo Luna said...

Oh yeah forget to write this: the poem Winterview moved me deeply. The image you create with that poem was so pure and beautiful.

William Michaelian said...

Monica, I’m delighted to hear you like the books and that particular poem. The irony of my sad little drawings is that I feel so happy making them. The same goes for the quieter, sadder moments in the books.

Thank you, and I wish you continued success with your wonderful artwork.