Monday, December 21, 2009

That Which Is Left Unsaid

That Which Is Left Unsaid
A silent sequence of drawings
(HQ recommended)

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Elisabeth said...

These are magical, William.

What a wonderful series of self portraits, each as riveting as the next.

I particularly remember the brain surgery one, maybe because I've been following Lally's blog and it's on my brain, and I love the multi-faced portrait at the end.

The titles are also powerful pointers as to how we might fill in the gaps of that which is left unsaid. Thanks.

Conrad DiDiodato said...

A poem I wrote as I watched the Youtube sequence:

That which is left unsaid,
say the dead,
arch-browed, & spirit-masked,
call their half a double,
& ring sadness round a moon;

dispossessed, the lonely pause,
(like Spicer) & charles,
head lying buried in sand
like drunk noah, or ozymandias

& grow taller for us all

William Michaelian said...

Elisabeth, thanks for your kind words, and thanks for enduring the reel.

And Conrad, thanks for your lovely transcription. All forty-one of us are honored indeed.

Momo Luna said...

It's great to see them all one after another. The one that clung to me the most is kindred spirits...

I wish you a joyful time William with all the ones you love and i wish you a very good 2010.....

Oh yeah; my garden has turned into a winterwonderland and as i saw some tiny little birdsteps in the snow your winterpoem came in mind. That was wonderful. :-)

Sweet greetz for you.

William Michaelian said...

My best to you too, and to your beautiful family. Thanks for remembering my little poem, and thanks for watching my “silent sequence.”

Rachel said...

In jeder Zeichnung bist du dir ähnlich, deine Augen sprechen für sich, auch wenn du sie geschlossen hälst, lächel...das gefällt mir sehr gut!!!

herzlich, Rachel

William Michaelian said...

Rachel, thanks for watching. You’re quite right — opened or closed, the eyes do tell the story. And what a strange story it is....