Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I knew the geraniums would still be alive despite the snow and cold. But I decided to remove them anyway, since their blackened tops were staining the front walk and releasing clouds of mold each time someone brushed by. Sure enough, their roots, which had traveled a surprising distance during the warmer months, were a healthy green. And they were stubborn. That’s when I felt, or imagined I felt, the weight of someone’s hand on my shoulder — another gardener, perhaps, making way for something more vigorous, beautiful, and new. The moment passed as moments do, and I wondered about the decision I had made.

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Elisabeth said...

Geraniums have such meaning for me. the fact that they transplant so easily from one tiny bit of a branch into the soil a new plant will grow, they are hardy these plants. Your writing here has a dream-like quality and seems layered with meaning.

For me geraniums can be beautiful flowers, they can also be weeds. Someone once joked about bringing up children as being like tending geraniums.

They are a tricky plant and the ending here suggests to me there is something sinister going on perhaps, the weight of someone's hand on your shoulder.

It's a good thing, as you write that 'the moment passed, as moments do'.

William Michaelian said...

Another snippet from daily life, transplanted here. I’m glad it’s taking root. Nothing sinister, really, just another reminder that my stay here is but a temporary one...

ALeks said...

Or it was my hand saying, leave the geraniums be,just tend the mold spots for if you grandchild is playing around!
And I am stubborn too,transplanted in to the strange soil and I can call myself human-geranium.Essence of geraniums,I would love to have a shampoo for my hear from it.Beautiful pictures i get trough the virtual world of your words.Or is that my imagination playing with my poor soul again?
Greetings! :O)

William Michaelian said...

No, Aleksandra, it is your imagination and your rich soul playing together....