Thursday, February 25, 2010

Into the Afternoon

Into the Afternoon
February 25, 2010
#2 Pencil on 4 x 6 Index Card

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2.25.2010 #2
2.25.2010 #1 (dream)


Conrad DiDiodato said...

I see a troubling question, here:

Is Levinas wrong and the face-to-face encounter impossible in the age of virtual reality?

William Michaelian said...

Fascinating. Well, I can’t even begin to speak intelligently on the subject — not that that has ever stopped me before. But assuming I’m not the only one who will read this and wonder about Levinas and his concept of face-to-face, I’ll give these links as a starting point:


I’m inclined to say that it is possible.

And now this question: is this simply a drawing, or is it a person with a life of his own?

ALeks said...

Oh dear,Wiki and I,we are just fine together,if men find me one day dead behind my PC the last pages I will be reading would be probably from the Great Wiki! I followed your links and before I knew it I was facing after face-to-face,friend-to- friend and than Turtles and then I was lost.....
I shall vote for just and simply a drawing and tomorrow when I have had some sleep and have rested enough I'll be back for more.How will I ever get of my favourite addiction? Trough proper diction?
in his (to me it is left)right eye I see perfect little seashore with the beautiful sunset and dancing sand grains,from Vassilis poem.It is another simple jet clear and fresh as a silent morning sea breeze drawing William,good morning to you!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

it's look as to be surprise of somthings...

have a nice day William!

William Michaelian said...

Ah, dear Aleksandra! Proper diction is but another addiction! It’s wonderful to picture you there at your computer, following these little vapor trails. I know that’s how you find some of the beautiful music you post. And really, it’s the same way I buy books. I rarely go to the store looking for something specific. I just let the old books surprise me, and I follow them wherever they lead.

Laura, I think you’re right. It seems all of my subjects are a little bit surprised, as if someone just shined a light in their eyes....

ALeks said...

Yes William,I picture you too,following old books trail and it is so fine that at least someone understands my ways,good that one of us do! :O)
Im not allowed to go looking for books until I cleaned my room.It is hard,tough decision cause I adore flee-markets,old books markets and second hand books shops!First shelves!Than painting,drawing! Than sending parcel to America,Oregon!
I hope you will stay there where you are,bills are not that big problem,I hope??? Good luck and all the best!