Monday, March 8, 2010


March 8, 2010
#2 Pencil on 4 x 6 Index Card

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Strung tight, my
eyes scream—by which
I mean to say I see

by Conrad DiDiodato

Inspired by “Frustration” and Laura Tedeschi’s post
(see comment section)

3.8.2010 #2
3.8.2010 #1 (recently acquired)


ALeks said...

Whats wrong? Is anybody doing ugly or being horrible to you,tell me,I will go immediately over there and give them my never ending story!!!
No one comes to bother William,you hear me,you silly excuses for a life forms,quit with it!!!
Or this is just a new poem? :O)

William Michaelian said...

Ha! I like that — just a new poem. No, no evil forces, only a passing mood. And to chase it away, I made this drawing without wearing my glasses, and I used a very dull pencil. Thanks for coming to my defense!

Elisabeth said...

Certainly your face looks grim here, William, as if enlivened by rage. But the drawing might have tempered your rage or frustration or whatever.

I can't write when I'm in a rage, only on the cusp of it as it recedes.

Is this so for you, too? Or perhaps you've mastered the emotion such that you never let yourself get into a rage. I must say I rarely get enraged myself, only occasionally.

don't be emily said...

Well I do declare. I look more like you than I thought!

~im just only me~ said...

Katie, you have a beard? It has been a while since you've moved!

RUDHI - Chance said...

Ya, thought, it cannot be sooo bad with this smile behind...

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

This is for me "The scream" from William Michaelian

Conrad DiDiodato said...

Strung tight, my
eyes scream—by which
I mean to say I see

(Inspired by "Frustration" drawing & Laura's post)

William Michaelian said...

Elisabeth, that’s a good question. I think rage is probably my natural state. But I do suffer from recurring bouts of tranquility. To combat those “spells,” I remind myself that I’ll be miserable again soon, and that cheers me up. Now, I realize this sounds like I’m joking, but I’m not. Maybe that’s a sad thing. But for me, emotions, moods, states of mind — whatever we choose to call them — are rarely so easily defined. What appears to be happening at the surface might or might not indicate what is happening at a deeper level. And some take only moments to play out, while others can take years. Think of volcanoes.

Katie, you have my deepest sympathy!


Rudhi, these drawings are more accurate than the nightly weather report....

Laura, thank you. Now I have to stare for awhile at Munch’s painting.

William Michaelian said...

Conrad, your poem is far too good and accurate to keep hidden here in the comment section, so I’ve added it to the main post as well. Wonderful! Thanks.

Elisabeth said...

Hi William

You might be interested to read this about so-called depression and emotional states:

I find it interesting in do far as in some senses it's a plug for the value of sadness.

William Michaelian said...

Intriguing. Thanks. I’ll read this as soon as I can.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

ConradDiodato "Strung tight, my
eyes scream—by which
I mean to say I see"