Friday, April 16, 2010

Carrots and Willow Trees

As a little experiment yesterday morning, I tried singing while I drew. I sang three songs and made three drawings. Then the telephone rang. I didn’t answer it, of course. I rarely do. As handy as they are, I don’t like telephones. I far prefer carrots. Then I did a fourth drawing: it was of a carrot, but not the usual kind — this carrot had its eyes closed, and was deep in thought. Because I’d been interrupted by the telephone, I forgot to sing while I drew it. To make up for it, I sang to it after it was done. The carrot’s eyes stayed closed, but I knew it was listening. And then, to celebrate, I wrote a little carrot poem:


O, to be a carrot in a garden,
surrounded by other carrots that are silent
because it’s been so long — so long

they’ve finally forgotten
what it means to be human.

Or maybe they do remember.

Yes, on the other hand,
maybe they do.

After which, I ruined my carrot drawing by adding a hairy core down the middle, effectively splitting its face and slicing its melancholy nose. Upside down, though, the carrot looks like a counter top cup holder.

The first song I sang was “Vincent.” Paint your palette blue and gray, look out on a summer day, and so on. I ended up with a drawing of the trunks of two trees that had grown together:

After that, I switched to a sad song in Armenian, about a river and a willow tree:

And then I sang a song my mother used to like, and which I still do: “Once Upon a Time.” Do you know it? Once upon a time, we sat beneath the willow tree, counting all the stars, waiting for the dawn. But that was once upon a time, and now the tree is gone.

All pretty silly, I guess. But, do you know what? If I were a carrot, it wouldn’t be.

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Momo Luna said...

Oh wow, how i dó love this post. It's so funny and a tiny little bit melancholy as well. Too bad i can't hear you singing, somehow i think that must be great. :-) And ofcourse the drawings are wonderful as ever.

Have a good weekend William, with lots of songs and no telephones ringing.

Momo Luna said...

On the other hand; i can hear you singing. I hear it in my mind, a warm low voice, humming as well. :-D Great stuff isn't it, imagination?

William Michaelian said...

It certainly is, and where would we be without it? Thanks, Momo Luna, and good wishes to you and yours.

Wine and Words said...

Who'd a thunk that carrots came in white and purple too! I think they want everyone to know, that they are as human...of many colors.

William Michaelian said...

Yes. And as a covenant, I will place my carrot in the clouds.... It’s the least I can do.

Janice said...

William this is a terrific post!!! I just love your drawings, as always and I so enjoy reading your thoughts and poems! Carrots are very smart too! They are born in the ground, but they so want to join humans above the earth, that they grow their green, leafy, hair above ground so that we can pull them out easily and let them join us in a song :)

William Michaelian said...

Roots music! Thank you, Janice, I’m glad you like this silly-sentimental post....

Elisabeth said...

Oh William. What will you come up with next? Now singing. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall during these compositions.

William Michaelian said...

Well, Elisabeth, I’d rather you were here in human form, but if you can ever manage it, you’re more than welcome.

And thank you for linking here from your fine post, Why I Write Autobiography.