Friday, April 9, 2010

A Gift

for Vassilis Zambaras

That until the end of time
someone you thought knew you
knew you thought so too.

40/2000: a Chronological Order
by Vassilis Zambaras

Meligalas, Greece

40 poems completed in the final year
of the past millennium and arranged chronologically:
A past made to order. Meligalas, January 2001.

In Credible Evidence
by Vassilis Zambaras

Publishers & Booksellers
Green River, Vermont

Note: In evidence of an incredible friendship, I accept these beautiful gifts from the humble, inimitable master of short verse, Vassilis Zambaras: 40/2000: a Chronological Order, a one-of-a-kind hand-bound volume laced and thoughtfully inscribed; and In Credible Evidence, which in its long simplicity houses visible proof of the whisper and music that first brought us together. My thanks to this great poet, who, by his genius, renders time timeless, and the moment secure.


Momo Luna said...

What a wonderful gift William and thank you for the link that brought me to his blog where i can read his wonderful poems.
I always like how you photograph these gifts.

William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Momo Luna. The sunlight and clouds were doing wonderful things, not unlike what happens in Vassilis’s poems themselves. I’m glad you visited his blog!

awyn said...

I second Momo Luna in thanking you for the link in your "Reading Room" which first brought me many moons ago to Vassilis's blog, which I visit often. His poems indeed do "wonderful things" with language, sound and insight all packed into a few short lines.

William Michaelian said...

Thanks, Annie. Indeed, I find each word is a deep, reflective pool.

Wine and Words said...

I wonder what legacy I leave. What own I that is gift enough. And when I breathe my last...the secret writings of me will just hang here in cyber space, the last post blinking, blinking, blinking as it waits an author who is no more.

Jeeze, where did that come from? Off to find a happy pill. Ciao!

William Michaelian said...

...until next time, Wine and Words.

Ours is not to know;
it is to give,

we have.

vazambam said...

OK, guys and dolls--you've had your turn, now it's mine, but tell me--what can one say in the light of such touching comments but remain speechless after saying "Thank you".

William Michaelian said...


From across this space

the echo of your last two words.

ALeks said...

Me too,me too, echoooooo......beautiful gift from a beautiful person,it is wonderful you have friends like he and he like you,me like you everything is beautiful and I did not drink any alcohol or did any drugs,Im working on my balcony now for 3 days and its beautiful! Bye,bye!!

William Michaelian said...

Bye-bye, beautiful echo, we can hear you from your balcony, loud and clear....