Friday, April 23, 2010

Mark Jackley: Lank, Beak & Bumpy

Lank, Beak & Bumpy
by Mark Jackley

iota press
925-c Gravenstein Hwy.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

ISBN: 0-9773843-2-2

Hand-set in Ehrardt 12 pt. type,
& printed on Mohawk Superfine
paper with a 1913 C. & P. supercool
foot-powered platen press.

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If I’ve counted correctly, this beautiful little chapbook contains seventeen short poems — and if I haven’t counted correctly, all the better, because poems this good don’t need to be counted, they need to be savored and enjoyed. Here are the first and next-to-last:

          December Rain

          A tree frog sleeps
          until the spring and his waking dream
          of starlight,

          hunger, lust, fear

          Dark tongue of wet tires

          His song will be as mighty
          as the roar of a motorcycle

          His hands, splayed like Little



          on every bare branch.

          Black Christmas trees
          for when

          God bestows the gift
          of nothing.

These and their subtle companions I can return to again and again — and will, thanks to Mark’s kind gift.

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