Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tree Spirit

Tree Spirit
April 14, 2010
#2 Pencil on Index Card

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ALeks said...

Oh yes,one of my favourites!!! Tree spirits!And for that little of Mary:

A Dream of Trees

There is a thing in me that dreamed of trees,
A quiet house, some green and modest acres
A little way from every troubling town,
A little way from factories, schools, laments.
I would have time, I thought, and time to spare,
With only streams and birds for company,
To build out of my life a few wild stanzas.
And then it came to me, that so was death,
A little way away from everywhere.

There is a thing in me still dreams of trees.
But let it go. Homesick for moderation,
Half the world's artists shrink or fall away.
If any find solution, let him tell it.
Meanwhile I bend my heart toward lamentation
Where, as the times implore our true involvement,
The blades of every crisis point the way.

I would it were not so, but so it is.
Who ever made music of a mild day?

––Mary Oliver

William Michaelian said...

Thank you! What a beautiful poem....

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

it's incredible, as with a few pencil marks you become to expresses so much feeling... i'm fascinated

Janice said...

I believe that trees are healers, that they do have spirits...
Have you ever noticed how a walk thru the woods can lift your own spirits...
How the trees seem to speak to you as the wind blows thru their branches...
How calming and beautiful they are to watch as the almost dance in the wind...
Walk up to a tree and lay your hand upon it's bark, close your eyes for a moment and let the spirit of the tree become one with yours...

Hi William! I enjoy your sketches very much :)

William Michaelian said...

Laura, you’re always so kind about my little drawings. You wouldn’t feel this way if you didn’t possess so much feeling yourself. Thank you.

Hi, Janice. Thank you. A hearty “yes” to your understanding and characterization of trees.... yes, I have noticed, and yes, I have done exactly as you said, and come away a little wiser and much stronger for the privilege.

Pris said...

Tree Spirit. Oh yes. I like this. Have you ever hugged a tree?? It's wonderful. I read a study years ago where a man hooked a Galvanic Skin Response machine to a plant (tests stress). He cut himself with a razor and the meter on the plant shot up...empathetic reaction?? It did so consistently until he demonstrated this one day and was so used to it HE felt no stress. No response from the plant. A person watching this volunteered . GSR went back up. So, do plants cry? Do trees weep? I think so. Are they happy when we are? I think so, too.

William Michaelian said...

Thanks, Pris. Yes, and I don’t think I would ever have drawn this if I didn’t feel that way.

Wine and Words said...

The sad thing is William, there's such melancholy in all of them, something I wish to erase because it is cut of my own cloth and I do not wish it to clothe another. I could be so far off, as is the usual course for one without compass...but please William...draw me a smile.

William Michaelian said...

A smile, you say? Oh, very well.

Momo Luna said...

This thought popped up when looking at this drawing: I wanna hug that tree!