Monday, June 28, 2010

Making Our Way

“Canvas 62”
June 26, 2010

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It might be crazy, but I’m thinking about putting together a collection of my drawings and publishing it as a book. At least I hope it’s crazy, because if that element is missing there isn’t much point in doing it.

The volume wouldn’t be part of my Author’s Press Series, as that serves a different purpose. What I envision, rather, is something of a different shape and size in a matte or glossy finish — in short, an art book that would preserve some of my favorite drawings independently from the computer screen.

I have thought, too, about making and selling prints, of selling them in limited editions, or even as one of a kind. I’ve also thought of showing them somewhere. This realm, though, is new to me — which is one more thing that’s tempting about it.

True, the endeavor might be misguided. But I like what the drawings express, and the way they exist as a kind of wordless appeal to stop, listen, and wonder. They’re important too, in that they offer another way in, as if moments were windows. And unless I’m mistaken, these are more than self-portraits; they are also portraits of the self at large — our selves, making their way in the world.

And if I am mistaken, it won’t be the first time. Either way, we’ll see where it leads. The idea could fall flat on its face, grow, take flight, or become something else entirely. Or it might wait until after I’ve gone — for a walk, my eager friend, for a walk.

In the Forum: understated in a flashy sort of way.


vazambam said...

I'm eager to see where this walk takes you--and, by the way, that's "Walk, Don't Run"!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

It will be a wonderfull art-book William, as you say, those drawings are not only selfportraita, they are the portraits of the human race, with our emotion on the face...

When you made this book I'm the first client :-)

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

I know you are even not sure to do that, but it could be very good

Inkpunk Artworks said...


I like your though process and line of thinking here. No, not misguided at all! Go forth and explore!

A good week to you,

William Michaelian said...

Thanks, Vassilis. Good advice. Or should I say venture?

Laura, your encouragement makes me feel like the book already exists. If I do publish it, I think you will be its smiling angel.

Thanks, Brian. I agree — why bother if the method and outcome are already known? There has to be some gamble and danger.

RUDHI - Chance said...

It's no fault to have more irons in the blacksmith's fire ... Books will last longer than the Computer-Safe at least! Do you think about a 'Blurb'-Publication?

William Michaelian said...

That’s one possibility, but I need to investigate further — while making more drawings, of course....

Crissant said...

Hi William, how are you?
Oh, this canvas is really special!!
A new book? and about your canvas?
I really support it! It will be illuminated, i know :)


William Michaelian said...

How am I, Crissant? My spirit is lifted by your visit, as always, and by your nice comment!

Momo Luna said...

Oh William, that is such a good crazy idea! You can be sure i'll interested in buying the book. And also: i can imagine all your canvasses hanging together on a large white wall. I can imagine it, it will look very mythical. Ofcourse you also must visit Holland with this exhibition, because i wanna see it for real. I must see it! :-)

And yes they are much more than selfportraits. As all good portraits are.

It would be lovely to take a walk with you and talk about it all.

Sweet greetz!

William Michaelian said...

What a beautiful thoughts, Momo Luna! They’re so nice and crazy they just might work....