Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stefania left a child

A fine post by a wonderful artist and friend, Laura Tedeschi.

6.20.2010 #2
6.20.2010 #1 (first publication)


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

this is a wonderful gesture of friendship, thank you...
I tried to translate this beautiful song and I hope I did it well,
you have a great sensibility, but I am not surprised of this, only a great soul can write like you.

The text of the song "Venezia" is wonderfull and Guccini, the songwriter is a wonderfull person too

thnak you

William Michaelian said...

Laura, I think the song came through very well; I love the way you translated it. And the music and your painting tell the story in their own way. And so I thank you.