Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Second Face

The voice is a second face.

          —Gerard Bauer (1888-1967) Carnets

The Oxford Book of Aphorisms
Oxford University Press (1983)

“Canvas 69”
July 24, 2010

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“Canvas 70”
July 24, 2010

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Selected Drawings in Pixel,
Pencil & Pen

by William Michaelian

Blurb (2010)

In the Forum: night, death, the ocean.


Janice said...

I do agree William, the voice is a second face but I feel there is a third...the mind. We know what thought is in our minds, we may or may not voice it, and will our faces show it? So in a way we have three faces:
1. thought
2. vocalize
3. appearance
There are many faces in in a crowd, with many thoughts, some spoken :)

William Michaelian said...

Yes, and though we may think we keep our thoughts hidden, our physical faces reveal our minds. As do the sounds of our voices. The degree to which we are deceived by them is directly related to the degree we deceive ourselves.

Woman in a Window said...

And so your voice rings in my eye.

(I was just complaining to Robert that blogger is missing one huge component and that is audio. When I heard you, you became something else. Your words lifted and resonated, became energy itself. Even now I can hear you still. You buzz in my skin. I think I will take a listen again.)


William Michaelian said...

My goodness. You do make me wish I had some decent recordings, and perhaps even some video. But the days slip by and in that department no progress is made.... In the meantime, thanks, Erin, for listening to my face.