Thursday, July 22, 2010

Word Pond and New Times Arrived

A special thanks to Donna Fleischer for sharing the wonderful portrait by Aleksandra Komlenovic I posted yesterday. You can find it in this entry of her blog, Word Pond, which is always a worthwhile visit.

I’ve also added the portrait to the Image Archive, located in the sidebar beneath the blog archive. Clicking on the image will bring it up at its larger size; clicking on the artist’s name will take you back to yesterday’s entry, which also contains background and links to Aleksandra’s blogs.

Today in one of Aleksandra’s blogs, New Times Arrived, the artist shares several shots of the painting at various stages.

Thank you, Aleksandra!


ALeks said...

William you are most welcome,Im not that fast with making a story to accompany the photos,its on her way... Thank you William!
And Donna,Im deeply moved by your email! Thank you very much!

Caio Fernandes said...

Viva the new times that have arrived ! Aleks is great , and i am going to visit Donna's blog now .
congratulations and thanks, William.

donnafleischer said...

What a fine day it was yesterday! discovering "William Michaelian by Aleksandra Komlenovic" and Aleksandra Komlenovic by way of William Michaelian". Glorious!

William Michaelian said...

Aleksandra and Donna, I’m happy you’ve met, and I’m doubly happy with the way this has all come about. We’re all the richer for it.

Caio, a hearty thanks for your visit as well. Every time you come here, you bring high spirits. It’s what we need.