Monday, August 30, 2010

What we desire

What we desire most at the flower show,
what we sniff like sex among the bleeding stems,
is the rapid, painless death of what we know.

What we seek in color we find in sound;
what we grieve in scent is a bell to wounds
and walls that crumble, yet hold fast still.

Each bouquet portrays the human race;
how well we’ve failed is a triumph blessed
by pleading blooms sustained in glass.

(first publication)

“What we desire” added to Poems, Slightly Used.

In the Forum: the long and short of it.


Annie Mac said...

One day, I will figure out some way to crawl within the depths of your ink or grey matter, find and make a home in one or the other. Or your beard. I think the genius lies heavy within all, equally.

ALeks said...

I wouldnt go with beard Annie, :O)
your little eyes would be under constant attack of cookie crumbles,coffee spills and other rare dust! OK,maybe the side of his beard but I would surely go with his hat!! This is some hot writing William very nice! If I did not know better I would say it is bloody best piece of poetry you shared with us till now!! Mhmmmm...

William Michaelian said...

Wondrous Annie, fear not the cookie crumbs, coffee stains, or dust, as our friend Aleksandra suggests, for the beard is laundered daily, while the hat is used to store questionable souvenirs.

Thank you both!