Thursday, September 30, 2010

Canvases 96 and 97

September 29 and September 30.

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Transcend Designs said...

These are really great William, I love them all.
The meditation while doing them must be fantastic time for you.
How long do you usually spend on one?

William Michaelian said...

Thank you! In terms of minutes, very few, although some of the more colorful ones take a little longer. In terms of meditation, the distance traveled into memory and sound is great. In a sense, they are journal entries. Emotions, word-shadows, pleasure, pain.

Wine and Words said...

Can you explain more about how these images are created? Now I am curious.

William Michaelian said...

The “canvases” are all done using a drawing program called Harmony. The blank white screen is the canvas and my hand serves as the pencil, chalk, charcoal, or brush. An image is made of hundreds, often thousands, of clicks and tiny hand movements of varying duration, direction, rhythm, and pressure. I rarely, if ever, start with an idea. Within my limitations, the drawings make their own suggestions and demands, and have their own lives to live. Of course mood plays a part, memory, as I mentioned, dreams, and details from daily life. The stroke is altered significantly by sound, music, and state of mind. Well — that’s a start, anyway.

jasmin said...

dear William, a liberated soul, it is very beautiful, I love to feel and look at, you are good and wonderful, it is a lot of sunshine a day, we see what the night's dream brings, as you said the sun, the light is heart, whether you know the dark and cold, in warm and loving thoughts .... oh God William du Jasmin poor translation

William Michaelian said...

Well, Jasmin, all we can do is try. Where words end, the heart takes on the task. If these drawings and my feeble description of their origin have meaning for you, I’m glad.