Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer Service

a fly on the eucharist —

                shsh, shsh

little children sound asleep
on the cool stones

on the cool stones
sound asleep

on the sanctuary floor.

From Songs and Letters, originally published May 7, 2008.

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Woman in a Window said...

I wonder why it is that these children needed to find refuge on the cool stones on the sanctuary floor?



jasmin said...

viele liebe Grüße von Jamin, ich weiß "Steine schlafen nicht"... sie leben von Kindheit an mit uns, sie wärmen und kühlen uns... es ist der Ursprung von denen wir uns leider sehr entfernt haben...
Danke für den kleinen Besuch im Rosenwunder...

many dear greetings from Jamin, I know "Stones do not sleep" ... they live with us from childhood, they warm and cool us ... it is the origin of which we have unfortunately removed a lot ...

William Michaelian said...

For the same reason, I suppose, Erin, that there are flies about.

My pleasure, Jasmin, I look forward to your blog entries. So nice of you to read and follow here. Someday I will have to count, somehow, the references to stones in my writing. The word “stone” rings in my ear and means far more than its five letters would seem to connote.