Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dramatic Works of Victor Hugo

Dramatic Works of Victor Hugo
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Dramatic Works of Victor Hugo

548 pages. $3.95.

11.28.2010 #2
11.28.2010 #1 (recently acquired)


Old 333 said...

Four bucks! What a deal. Looked up Moliere, a pleasant refresher and freshets of blood stain unlucky green doublets. I shall look up Victor Hugo now - for although the production I have seen of Les Miserables was OK, I expect there is a little more to the man. I hear he goes in for heavy architectural description. Nowadays, they say "stick to dialogue, reduce the narrative". Hah! Or spend three pages on a cathedral and be DAMNED to it.

William Michaelian said...

For Hugo, a brief aside can amount to an entire historical novel. Balzac was the same, and often must have said, “Oh, I almost forgot — it looks like I’d better insert a novel here.”

The book was sold “as is,” and yet it’s in fine condition throughout.

Old 333 said...

Ahhh, what pleasure. Links are the meat of the day for me; I think I may take a day off even, and just read stuff til my eyes fall out. And watch Hornblower on YouTube. Although if I do my hair, I'll do a reading. (responsibility comes with proper hair, but i expect you know that, William) - anyway -
thanks for the tracks to tread in today! I wouldn't have spent my morning coffee with two dead French playwrights otherwise, and they seem to be good company.

Old 333 said...

Re: novel insertion and four-page footnotes and the like:

Twitter, tweets, HTML must be less than 4096 characters and all other such lunatic and arbitrary abridgements...

would not have suited those dudes, eh?

And just why do we now assume that it's impossible to say more than a few words at a time to each other? I seem to recall, growing up, that my tiny-minded-by-modern-standards Apple II could hold entire textbooks and sets of aencyclopaediaie aie! Whyfor are the new teletwerping pokeroon ringydink MacPhones incapable of this?

Arrrr! Just about bit me coffee mug in two there. God, I have it in for these bumfangled NewSpeak 2.0 social tricks.

Thanks for a good morning's think, William - feel like I've done my pushups. Dynamic Tension will stop those other writers kicking sand in my face at the beach, yes sir.

talk to you later-

martinealison said...

Ahh! Victor Hugo,poète et romancier extraordinaire. J'ai tellement lu et relu "les misérables", "notre dame de Paris"...

William Michaelian said...

Tweets, yes, Peter, but entire massive novels can be presented and preserved online. Not that I would care to read Hugo that way. And speaking of hair, let us hope it’s not too proper when our death masks are made. Or maybe we’ll be bald by then. The rest is flotsam and jetsam. There — thought I’d just throw that in.

Master-works indeed, Martine. And of course he was a painter as well. Greetings to you and your grandson.

Old 333 said...

Oh, I want my deathmask to made entirely of hair. I have enough, and it will be a good representation of me. Already I can see a secret face in my beard (or is that egg?).

I find reading real books on a screen pretty lame too. I like a codex-a** book - no electricity, takes water well(ish), droppable, shakeable, cheap.

Now: lunchward ho! Talk to you later -