Friday, November 12, 2010

Self-Portrait as Weeping Willow

Self-Portrait as Weeping Willow
November 11, 2010

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Aleksandra said...

"Weeping willow with your tears running down, why do you always weep and frown?
Is it because he left you one day? Is it because he could not stay? On your branches he would swing, Do you long for the happiness that day would bring? He found shelter in your shade, he thought his laughter would never fade.
Weeping willow stop your tears, for there is something to calm your fears. You think death has ripped you forever apart, but I know he'll always be in your heart."

RUDHI - Chance said...

With two nice chickenbirds as her brain-halfes... Very nice Tree-release, William!

William Michaelian said...

Lovely, Aleksandra — after this poem, I think I willow you something!

Thank you, Rudhi! Like me, you see it all, even if it isn’t there.

Aleksandra said...

You just willow away my friend,how nice to get a laugh or 2 in this late hour,I thank you for that!! :O)
Good night!