Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ueda’s Daijiten

Ueda’s Daijiten
A Japanese Dictionary
of Chinese Characters
and Compounds

American Edition

Harvard University Press
Cambridge, Massachusetts


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♥ Raven Rose ♥ said...

What a wonderful edition to your library William. You have so much knowledge available right at your fingertips. Many old friends waiting patiently to open their covers and have a chat with you~~~

What a beautiful written by itself~~~

William Michaelian said...

Exactly, and that’s one reason I brought this one home, even though the person who sold it to me thought it was Hebrew... at a glance, of course, without first looking at the cover, which is printed in English.

Momo Luna said...

Oh that's great. You always find such lovey treasures in the bookstore. I must visit our local bookstore and dig deeper i think. :-)

William Michaelian said...

Yes, we develop an eye for these things, as we scan the stacks and shelves. And I think they have an eye for us too, and show themselves at just the right time.