Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Canvas 133

“Canvas 133”
December 29, 2010

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12.29.2010 #2
12.29.2010 #1


Old 333 said...

Merry belated, William. Hope you had a good logmas - and as always, thanks for all your work out here. You help make the web a better place. Better places? Not sure. Boy, this language is already updating itself again, and I still haven't really quite mastered the previous versions. Such fun! There need to be new tenses, and definitely some new pronouns for dealing with AIs.

talk to you -

William Michaelian said...

Absolutely — I picture us out there with shiny little shovels, scooping, tossing, building preposterous fortifications, gritty word fragments in our teeth and in our beards. Of course, what else is new? And that, my friend, is the secret meaning behind this drawing. Thank you as always.

jasmin said...

lieber William, es ist schön alles zu sehen, ich bin dankbar für deine wundervolle Arbeit...
und auch dankbar, daß es auch noch etwas gibt der gegenseitigen Achtung auf dieser kalten Welt,
liebe Grüße Jasmin...

William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Jasmin. You have given my drawings so much nice attention, here and on your blog — I appreciate that. Our world is as warm or cold as we make it, I think. Every day we humans are given a new chance to learn from each other.