Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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by George Moore

Privately printed for subscribers only
by Boni and Liveright, New York (1919)

“1250 copies of this book have been printed of which this is number 38.”

313 pages. $8.95.

In the Forum: eternal sage advice.


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

... another gold piece in your collection..

William Michaelian said...

I love those ragged pages and generous margins....

Aleksandra said...

Listen, I do not want to die!! How on Earth I will have enough time to read all this beautiful books?!! Ill need 24 lives at least to come closer to one tiny part of all of the published beauty! :O)
This is gorgeous!Thanks!

Ed Baker said...


then as now sort-of

what's "the book in the dock"

"twould be a gas-and-a-giggle-and-a-hoot
to read THAT book along with this one...

maybe a Mark Twain auto-fiction?

Ed Baker said...


it was ZOLA! & that Bohemian 'rif-raf" !

awyn said...

Books that speak to us. This one, it seems, has a little hidden message. Right side, Page 115, Line 18: "I object to the dragging in of other books..." :)
Hmmmr... it apparently wants to bask a bit longer in the newfound joy of having readers discover its pages. "Gareth & Linette, move along now, off to the shelves with you. It's my turn!" it seems to be saying. :)

William Michaelian said...

Aleksandra, that’s about the best argument for immortality that I’ve heard. But twenty-four lives would be a good start!

Ed, I knew Zola wouldn’t sneak by you. You mention the Twain autobiography — I did read in the “blogosphere” that you had picked up a copy. Two of my sons got copies at Christmastime. So maybe I’ll have a crack at eventually. Currently reading Huck Finn, where yesterday, on Page 213, I read the glorious phrase, soul-butter and hogwash. That’ll keep me going for at least a week.

Annie: Jealousy in the stacks? Maybe I should be more careful around here. I was under the impression they were all getting along.

Ed Baker said...

in the hunt for a hulu or netfilx airing of
Paul Muni's
The Life of Emile Zola

I have it somewhere
however it is a VHS
and my machine broke 12 years ago

well maybe it s a BETA...