Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Canvas 141

“Canvas 141”
January 5, 2011

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1.5.2011 #2
1.5.2011 #1 (drawings)


Joseph Hutchison said...

Many of your canvas seem to show you sleeping. But you must never sleep to do all the writing, drawing, commenting, reading etc. that you grace the world with daily. What's your secret? Caffeine? Or something less acceptable?

William Michaelian said...

Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe — what a great way to begin an interview. Too bad I can’t back it up with an insightful, entertaining response. But the truth is, I’m simply a glutton for punishment. I do sleep, generally a few fitful, tormented, guilt-ridden hours a night — but of course you’re already familiar with my dreams. I’m always up and drinking coffee by five, but I stop at two cups. There’s no secret, really, no drugs other than the temporary beating of my heart and misfiring of synapses, and the simple knowledge that it could all end at any moment.

Wine and Words said...

*snort* are we one, my early rising insomniac anxiety dreamer?

Do smile friend,
just once
of a week
for my eyes tire
of pulling so hard

William Michaelian said...

Your snort report
heard ’round the world

I shall undertake
your weekly schedule

weakly for the anxiety
doth tire me so.