Friday, January 14, 2011

How my mind rushes

I love how my mind rushes ahead,
then greets me upon my arrival.

I love how my body breeds haste in my mind.

I love how they fall silent
when asked which is quicker, stronger
of the three.

I love how they leap
at the beating of wings.

“How my mind rushes” added to Poems, Slightly Used.
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Aleksandra said...

... I rushed all the way to here,in tiny hope you might surprise us with your voice too in a recording of it!? :)
Lovely ...... I love how my mind breeds taste in my mouth....hunger for more of these silent breaths of fresh air,up there in the tranches of my holly tree....beautiful!

Gerry Boyd said...

of course the trinity is mystical, sly one.

Bitch said...

I love reading lines from your

Old 333 said...

My body leaps at the beating of wings too. damnably annoying, flapping about the kitchen and cawing every time some damn pigeon sets up a fuss. I'm glad it's not just me.

William Michaelian said...

Aleksandra, I do hope that one of these days I’ll be able to make some decent recordings. But chances are, my voice won’t measure up to your wonderful expectations. Thank you!

Gerry, don’t make me laugh. Sly? Me?

Thank you, Monika!

Peter, if you find that a source of comfort, I’m glad. Your kitchen must be a sight with all those feathers.

Art by JFM said...

Your mind races ahead because of the many words that it longs to express as beautiful as these.

I love your words and I marvel at your talent to use them in ways that would never come to my mind.

William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Jan. And yet they fail me now, or I fail them, in the presence of yours.