Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Carnegie and Beyond

If you scroll down the page to the “Circulation” area in the sidebar, you’ll find a widget that links to my newly opened account at LibraryThing. If you wait a few seconds, the images change; those are covers of a random selection of books that I’ve entered in my collection thus far. I’m still in the learning stage, but the basics are fairly easy. Little by little, I’ll enter every book in the house, perhaps even those that were handmade by family members long before my parents were born and scratched out in ink in a world far away. And already, I’m thinking of my mother, who took me week in and week out to the simple, stately Carnegie library in our hometown when I was a kid. She would embrace this new enterprise with all her heart and soul, all the more so because it would mean yet another chance to handle and examine each book. So I hope you’ll visit us there now and again. I say “us” because some of the books I’ll be entering, and which are now in my care, are hers.

Hometown library
(click to enlarge)

Interior in the early days
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Note: My thanks to Lynn Behrendt for posting yesterday’s dream in the Annandale Dream Gazette. “Improvisation” is the seventy-third dream of mine to be included in that online volume, where, as co-editor Robert Kelly says, “the dream is public. The dream is social. The dream is communication. The dream intends to speak to you. These are the notions to investigate.”

Also: Copies of my chapbook, The Thing About Strawberries: 31 Dreams, are still available, and can be purchased directly from MuscleHead Press for only five dollars.


Momo Luna said...

What a great link William, thank you. I love it. Hmm i think i also will make an account there, such fun.
If you wanna know a man look at his/her bookshell.
I love the note about dreams. And the photo's are wonderful!

Sweet greetz from a friend who also loves to read. I've almost finished your book. I love it a lot, as i love all of your work.

William Michaelian said...

Ah, Momo Luna, that makes you a true survivor. Thank you. Those library pictures are real treasures to me.

Two Tigers said...

Ah yes, worth doing if only to be able to handle each and every book! It's one of the few things that has made moving house tolerable for me - or a major housecleaning. Of course, once I take each down to dust it, there's the chance the whole process will be halted indefinitely as I "reacquaint" with each old friend...

Monica's comment is so true! Know a man by his books! When I enter any new home, my eye is immediately drawn to the shelves! So, I suppose I will now have the virtual equivalent of a visit to your home.

Perhaps we avid readers should all create a virtual lending library together one day in which we each "donate" images of our favorite books and see what kind of collection results?

William Michaelian said...

Gabriella, please, no. If I start thinking about this, I’ll fritter the whole day away in utter pleasure and enjoyment. Your idea would make a perfect afterlife — but even that’s getting crowded. Half the time I don’t know whether I’m there or here anyway. Probably both. I know it feels that way each time I pick up a book.