Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love Story

Oh, the things I break
into dazzling little pieces.

Oh, the faith you have
in rainbows.

“Love Story” added to Poems, Slightly Used.


Bitch said...

a rainy day without a rainbow in
Love your Love Story!

Woman in a Window said...

A true communion between spirits. Wonderful. Lucky, lucky you.


Jan said...

Very few love stories have sunny days, everyday. Most have a storm pass thru from time to time. Thank goodness for the rainbow at the end of that means that the sun will shine again and the love story will continue on.

Very beautiful words William.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

beautifull... simply in short words so much meaning of life

rahina q.h. said...

why do some always look at the dark side of the moon when we all know it has a bright side?

(Wlliam, when you write on your blog, i always have the urge to respond with my tuppence worth... this does not happen to me when leaving comments on other blogs;)

Stream Source said...

I know not what this means to you, only with mine eyes can see.

Anthony Duce said...

So complete. A love story said so well. Thanks

Indigo said...

The breaks grow stronger with time and the little things have more life than the larger picture. As for rainbows - a promise made after every storm passes. (Hugs)Indigo

William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Monika, I’m glad. Feel free to use the rainbow in this poem.

Erin, thanks. Yes.

Jan, I’ll go one further and say thank goodness for the storm. Thank you.

Thank you, Laura!

Rahina, I’m honored you feel that way. And remember, even the moon doesn’t show us both sides at once.

As it should be, Donna. And its meaning has changed for me since I wrote it, and it continues to change. Or more is revealed.

Anthony, thank you. I appreciate that word, “complete.”

Thank you too, Indigo. What you say about the breaks growing stronger reminds me of another short poem I posted last May. It’s called William’s Law, and it goes like this:

Grief in finding it broken, joy in the beauty of each new piece.