Sunday, March 6, 2011

A little shy of thirty

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And here I am again, on my way to a funeral in the only suit I’ve ever owned. The photo was taken by my wife in our house on the farm back in the mid-1980s. The suit still fits — that is, it would if I cared to put it on. I don’t think I’ve worn it since then. The hat, Luxus size 58, was purchased for eight rubles in Echimiadzin, Armenia, in 1982. I still remember it with snow on the brim. Now the snow is in my beard and hair.


erin said...

the 80's? william, you are not so far gone.

snow on the brim - if you were to go outside today~ you see, these memories are not so far behind.

this is you (?) naw, this isn't you. is it? i smile to see you so.


Two Tigers said...

I'm still having some difficulties accepting that the 80s were 30 years ago...

And I doubt there was or is anything shy about you, then or now!

vazambam said...

Spiffy Billy--to paraphrase a phrase that is now old hat--if the suit fits, wear it!

PS. I haven't worn one since the 80s either.

Old 333 said...

great! Most amusing. It's so cool to see a little bit more of you; we are all long sliding things through time, it is neat to see a glint reflecting from one of those darkness-coils. Bless the machine, for it remembers!

Thanks for sharing this, william -

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

time passed by, but we need this to have, at the end, all these feelings that we will need

jasmin said...

William, wie schön,
ein Sonntagsgesicht in feinem Leinen, es fehlt eine Blume am Jackett,
es ist nett, aber auch der Alltag mit Kleidung ist bequem, ich denke so,
jedes Alter hat seine Schönheit, ja, Grüße und Wünsche, ein schöner Abend Jasmin
noch etwas: Schüchtern zu sein ist eine liebenswerte Eigenschaft…

Andreas said...

The suit. The hat.
Very snazzy, William!

William Michaelian said...

Erin, I love it: “not so far gone.” You’d be surprised, I think, at how far gone I really am.

Gabriella, Shy is my middle name. If I seem outgoing, it might be because I can’t stop talking and showing people pictures of myself. But heck, that could happen to anybody.

Tarnation, Brother Bill — I always knew you were better suited for casual attire. My hat is off to you.

Peter, I’m delighted you see the amusement in this, as do I. Just filling in the gaps, I am, except for the breezy one between my ears.

So many layers, Laura, so many puzzle-pieces, some sweet, some painful, all of which are dear.

Jasmin, thank you. I’ve had a flower pinned to my coat maybe two or three times in my life, and it always made me feel a bit awkward. On the other hand, I’ve had big healthy weeds stuck here and there and I wore them with pride. And still do. In this case, “shy of thirty” means “less then thirty.” I don’t know if people still speak of age in these terms. Certainly, I haven’t heard anyone do so recently.

Andreas, thanks. But don’t expect me in the department store catalogues anytime soon!

RUDHI - Chance said...

Sceptic look, William! (I closed my facebook!)

William Michaelian said...

Ah, now this skeptic will have to visit your website to see your face (since airplane tickets are so expensive). But your books I still have!

Elisabeth said...

Oh such a handsome man, William. And on the way to a funeral, with so many more years yet to live.

William Michaelian said...

Well, yes, as it turned out, and I’ve attended many funerals since.

Handsome and hairy
with nary a lick of sense;

Who’s that in the casket, dear?
Why, it’s only a suit and hat!