Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gabriella Mirollo: Shadow of a Child

The title page of Shadow of a Child, a collection of poems by the multi-talented,
ever gracious Gabriella Mirollo:

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The chapbook was published in a beautiful limited edition of 150 copies in 1997 by Aralia Press. It contains fourteen timeless poems whose only request, it seems, is that they be given.

The last four lines of the book’s closing poem, “Lo comprendo ma non lo parlo”:

This is about me and why my name
pronounced correctly sounds equally wrong.
The hyphen in my side cries like a thorn.
And no book teaches that frayed dialect.

A few copies of this treasure still remain, for those wise enough and lucky enough to find them.


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

oh I like so much Gabriella, her feelings are so deep and intense...

"lo comprendo ma non lo parlo" tell only in this title a feeling that can define a life, great Gabriella

this post about she is precious

William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Laura. If I could, I would teach everyone the beautiful, indispensable connection between artists and the physical reality of their work — books, photographs, paintings, and all else turned by hand and mind. To hold Shadow of a Child in your hands is to know Gabriella that much more. And in its music, that painful, poetic phrase, Lo comprendo ma non lo parlo, sums up our entire immigrant experience, its longing and magic.

Denise Scaramai said...

good that you have shared these four lines... I was able to confirm the idea that I have about Gabriella,
a person very talented, sensitive and sincere.
Yes, this chapbook is a treasure!

Two Tigers said...

And thank YOU William, for featuring me and my little book this way! For the longest time, I thought one could not properly call oneself a poet or expect others to, without the evidence of a full-length publication produced by a well-known publishing house in great numbers with wide distribution! Then came the opportunity to be a part of the project that resulted in this limited edition fine letter press creation. I was able to witness the type being set and personally clasp the hands of those who worked on it with such care and humble expertise. It is the perfect container for my poems, and I can think of few better homes than yours for it to come to rest. Enjoy.

William Michaelian said...

Thank you, Denise. A treasure, yes, just like the poet herself!

I already have, Gabriella. And if I’m lucky, I will for many years to come. The paper alone makes me glad I’m alive, and your poems live up to, and well beyond, this beautiful edition. It’s a privilege, really, to share it here with friends, as well as friends we’re yet to meet. As for you being a poet, that has been obvious all along. But you wouldn’t and couldn’t be the artist you are if you were not the kind of human you are. That always comes first, and it’s the only identity we need.